Quality system

Our main goal as a company is to meet and exceed customers’ requirements. To achieve this we have implemented a sophisticated system of Quality Management.

The quality system implemented in Mi-King, s.r.o. follows appropriate legal requirements as well as ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards.

Since 2005 our company is certified according to ISO 9001, and since 2007 according to ISO/TS 16949.

Under ISO 9001 Mi-King s.r.o. is accredited for “Purchase, Storage and Delivery of metallurgical materials. Slitting and Levelling of metallurgical materials. Purchase, Processing Storage and Delivery of metallurgical flat shapes”.

Under ISO/TS16949 Mi-King s.ro. is accredited for “Processing of metallurgical materials for automotive industry – Slitting and Levelling of steel coils”.

Through the quality system, company management determines suitable criteria for monitoring and evaluating  process efficiency and sets targets for individual processes.

Evaluation of the system is performed regularly by management and responsible employees. When necessary, corrective and preventive actions are put in place to assure continuous improvement of our performances.