IMS Policy

  • Compliance with Regulations
    The company and its management strictly complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Parties involved
    Besides the legal requirements, it is our priority to meet the requirements of all involved parties.  
  • Customers
    Our customers assess the quality of our work. Our main objective is to exceed their requirements and expectations.
  • Suppliers
    The quality of supplied materials directly affects the quality of product which is delivered to our Customers. Therefore, it is essential that our suppliers meet our requirements (quality, deadline and quantity among others).
  • Employees
    Employees are the most important element of the company. We strive to secure qualified, motivated and loyal employees.
  • Organisation
    The organisation creates, plans and provides resources to increase the efficiency of all processes, with the objective of meeting the requirements of all involved parties.   
  • Living Environment
    Our company actively seeks opportunities for continuous improvement of its company environmental profile through monitoring, and management of possible risks and potential failures.
  • Working Environment
    Health and safety principles have to be implemented for all activities and understood by all employees. The main tools used in health and safety area are preventive actions and risk management.